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1. Study Links Periodontal Gum Disease to Heart Disease And Strokes

2. Stress Increases Heart Attack And Stroke Risk

3. Nordic Diet Linked To Reduced Risk Of Stroke

4. Insulin Dependant Diabetes May Raise Stroke Risk

5. Eating Three Ounces Of Peanuts A Day Prevents Stroke And Heart Attack

6. Increased Risk Of Stroke and Heart failure With Insomnia

7. Exercise And Vitamin D Helps In Reducing Strokes And Heart Attacks

8. Physical Exercise Increases Survival Chances After Stroke Or Heart Attack

9. Eating Milk Or Dairy Products Does Not Increase Stroke And Heart Disease Risks

10. Increased Heart Attack Stroke Cardiovascular Diseases With Blood Group Other Than "O"

11. Statins Reduces Risk of Heart Attack And Stroke Even in People With Intermediate Risk

12. Fat But Fit Does Not Reduce Heart Failure And Stroke Risks

13. A Biomedical Nano-polymer Therapy To Fight Heart Disease And Stroke

14. Reduced Heart Attack And Stroke Risk With Fruit And Vegetables Consumption

15. Breastfeeding lowers heart disease and stroke risk for women after pregnancy

16. Coffee reduces risk of death from heart disease and strokes

17. DKK3 natural protein can protect against plaque formation, atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack

18. Mothers with pregnancy preeclampsia may encounter heart diseases and stroke later in life

19. Cardiovascular disease, heart attack or stroke risks may be predicted and prevented by brain-scanning for the symptoms of stress and blood pressure

20. Too much salt consumption may double heart failure, stroke and coronary heart disease (CHD)

21. Cholesterol crystals are a sure sign of an imminent heart attack and stroke

22. COMPASS Study Shows Superior Treatment With The Combination Of Aspirin And Rivaroxaban Drugs For Heart Attack, Stroke And Cardiovascular Diseases

23. Kidney failure, amputations, blindness, heart attack and stroke complications by delaying insulin therapy among type 2 diabetes patients

24. Gestational diabetes linked to higher long-term risk of myocardial infarction (heart attack) or stroke

25. Study shows duration of the psoriasis disease increases risk to inflammation in blood vessels, cardiovascular diseases, heart attack and stroke

26. Heart attack or stroke risk with an exciting sport event

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