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1. Obesity In Mississippi

2. Risks With Body Weight

3. Risks With Obesity

4. Benefits With Weight Control

5. Treatment For Obesity

6. Benefits With Obesity Surgery

7. Benefits With Weight Loss During Pregnancy

8. Risks With Low Birth Weight

9. Risk With Teenage Obesity

10. Biomarkers To Childhood Obesity

11. Risks With High BMI

12. Link Between BMI And Brain

13. Mangoes Helps In The Growth Of Gut Bacteria Or Microbiota And Prevents Obesity

14. Link Between Obesity Or Overweight Or BMI And Marriage Status

15. Cancer Risk With Obesity

16. Risk To Liver Cancer Increases With Increase In Obesity Or BMI

17. About Omada's Program Intended To Reduce Overweight Or Obesity

18. Risks With Extreme Obesity

19. Risks With Teenage BMI

20. Risks With Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes

21. Risks With Diabetes Hypertension And Obesity

22. High BMI Changes DNA

23. Blood Vessel Function Benefits With Weight Lifting Exercises

24. Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Prevented With Weight Maintenance Programs

25. Benefits To Heart Health With Losing Weight

26. Prevention Of Type 2 Diabetes With Weight Loss Drug

27. Increase Risk To Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) With Irregular Sleeping Habits

28. Physical Activity May Outweigh Impact Of BMI On Cardiovascular Diseases

29. High Level Of Physical Activity May Cancel Out Heart Risks Associated With Obesity

30. Risk To Gestational Diabetes With Weight Gain Leading To Pregnancy

31. Race (South Asia, Hispanic And Chinese) And Ethnicity Plays Role In Heart Diseases And Diabetes Even At Normal BMI

32. Risks To Heart Diseases With Weight Cycling, Yo-Yo Dieting Or Yo-Yo Effect

33. Weekly Physical Activity Reduces Heart Risk Associated With Obesity

34. Enhanced Risk To Mortality And Cardiovascular Diseases With Central Obesity

35. Obesity Worsen Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) Related Brain Abnormalities - Dementia, Cognitive

36. Obesity Increases Type 2 Diabetes Or Post Donation Diabetes Mellitus (PDDM) Risk Among Living Kidney Donors (LKD)

37. Eating Avocados Reduces Heart Disease and Body Weight

38. Ginger Fights Body Metabolic Syndrome, Fat, Obesity and Diabetes

39. Excess weight may reduce early death risk for older adults with diabetes

40. Study shows type 2 diabetes reversal and weight & muscle fat reduction with vegetarian diet

41. Study shows altering sense of smell helps weight loss and type 2 diabetes

42. Risk to heart disease in women can be predicted with race and weight gain

43. Weight gain between pregnancies linked to the development of gestational diabetes

44. Consumption of artificial sweeteners was linked to type 2 diabetes, weight gain and heart disease

45. Enlargement & thickening of left ventricle and heart failure with weight gain

46. Sleep for less than six hours per day causes weight gain, type 2 diabetes (T2D) and obesity

47. Post term and birth weight predictive of survival in infants with congenital heart disease

48. Eating cocoa chocolate reduces blood sugar or glucose levels, obesity and increases insulin secretion

49. Lose 15 kg (33 lb) in body weight (weight loss) by eating low calorie diet to reverse type 2 diabetes and extend life expectancy by six years

50. Weight loss and improved blood sugar glucose levels (glycemic control) with an EndoBarrier device

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