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1. Study Of Metformin Drug

2. Trials With Metformin

3. Benefits With Metformin Drug

4. Risks With Metformin Drug

5. Benefits With Metformin Drug

6. Risks To Vitamin B12 Deficiency With Metformin

7. Study With Metformin Drug In Preventing Preterm Birth

8. Metformin Drug Results Vary Due To Genetics

9. Usage Of Metformin On Colorectal Cancer Individuals

10. Role Of Metformin Diabetes Drug

11. Metformin Prevents Cancer Growth

12. Updated Guidelines Reaffirms Faith In Metformin

13. Improved Mortality Among Older Type 2 Diabetes Individuals With Metformin

14. Metformin Improves Health Outcomes In HER2 And Breast Cancer Patients With Diabetes

15. REMOVAL trial shows heart disease risk reduction with metformin medication

16. Type 2 diabetes patients with chronic kidney diseases can survive longer with metformin

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