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1. Risks With Kidney Transplantation

2. Study For Diabetic Kidney Disease

3. Diabetes Link To Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

4. Nephropathy Risk With Vitamin D Deficiency

5. Study Of eGFR Trajectory

6. Diabetic Kidney Disease Statistics

7. Study To Predict Diabetic Nephropathy Disease

8. Risks With Chronic Kidney Disease CKD

9. Chronic Kidney Disease, Heart Disease & Diabetes Prevention Drugs From Forxiga Drug Maker AstraZeneca

10. Blood Pressure Damages Kidney

11. Curing Hepatitis C Reduces The Risk Of Kidney Failure

12. Salty Skin In People With Kidney Disease Could Be A Sign Of Heart Problem

13. Big Contributor To Heart Related Deaths Is Kidney Or Renal Disease

14. Obesity Increases Type 2 Diabetes Or Post Donation Diabetes Mellitus (PDDM) Risk Among Living Kidney Donors (LKD)

15. Transplanting Diabetic Kidneys Better Than Remaining On Waitlist

16. Canagliflozin SGLT 2 anti-diabetes drug reduces kidney and heart disease risk

17. Kidney failure, amputations, blindness, heart attack and stroke complications by delaying insulin therapy among type 2 diabetes patients

18. Type 2 diabetes patients with chronic kidney diseases can survive longer with metformin

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