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51. About Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)

52. No Risks With Higher Insulin Doses

53. Transforming Alpha Cells Into Beta Cells

54. About Basaglar Insulin

55. FDA Approves Dexcom G5 CGM In Taking Insulin Dosing Decision

56. New Approach To Stimulate Beta Cells

57. Researchers Found Beta Cells Attacking Mechanism

58. Stimulating Bone Stem Cells May Improve Bone Repair

59. Analogue Insulin Better To Prevent Night time Hypos

60. Insulin Dependant Diabetes May Raise Stroke Risk

61. Growing Beta Cells In A Rat For Transplantation

62. A Breakthrough In Heart Failure Repair With Stem Cells

63. Mouse Study Suggests Fasting Diet May Regenerate Pancreas And Reverse Diabetes Effects

64. Increase In Diabetes And Insulin Resistance With Climate Change

65. Toujeo Lowers Hypoglycemia Events Among Insulin Dependent Type 2 Diabetes Patients

66. New Drug To Stop LMPTP & Restore Insulin Sensitivity

67. Regulation Of Insulin And Treatment Of Type 2 Diabetes With Stevia Extract

68. Cure To Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) With Gene Transfer Technique

69. Amalgam Rx Launches iSage Rx Type 2 Diabetes App Which Automates Insulin Dosage

70. Discovery Of New Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) Loci, Chromosomal or Genetic Locations Among European And African American Communities

71. Discovery Of Prkca Gene Which Causes Birth Defects And Neural Tube Defects (NTDs) In Pregnant Women With Diabetes

72. Prevention of heart diseases with an extra injection of insulin after meals in type 1 diabetes patients

73. Single dose of glucagon receptor antibody found to be as effective in reducing insulin need

74. Urocortin 2 (Ucn2) gene transfer therapy improves insulin sensitivity and reduces blood sugar or glucose (HbA1c) levels

75. Lorcaserin reduces high blood sugar levels and increases insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetes patients

76. Beta-blockers may reverse genetic changes from heart failure and heart disease

77. Insufficient sleep hours increases risk to type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and body fat in children

78. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout reduces waist circumference, systolic blood pressure, insulin and blood sugar glucose levels

79. Eating cocoa chocolate reduces blood sugar or glucose levels, obesity and increases insulin secretion

80. Raspberries could lower inflammation, high blood sugar or glucose levels and improves insulin sensitivity

81. Kidney failure, amputations, blindness, heart attack and stroke complications by delaying insulin therapy among type 2 diabetes patients

82. Radical "hot water bottle" treatment for type 2 diabetes patients could reduce insulin injections, medical costs and drug usage

83. Increased risk to type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance with psoriasis severity or higher body surface area (BSA)

84. Insulin pills may delay onset of type 1 diabetes in some individuals

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