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201. Risk Reduction To Cancer And Cardiovascular Diseases With Cycling

202. Fresh Fruit Reduces Risk With Vascular Problems And Diabetes

203. Risks To Heart Diseases With Weight Cycling, Yo-Yo Dieting Or Yo-Yo Effect

204. Air Pollution Due To Traffic May Lower HDL Cholesterol And Increase Risk To Cardiovascular Disease

205. Replacing Meat With Plant Diet Reduces Type 2 Diabetes Risk

206. New Study Suggests Fewer Eye Screenings For Low Risk To Diabetic Retinopathy Patients

207. Weekly Physical Activity Reduces Heart Risk Associated With Obesity

208. Enhanced Risk To Mortality And Cardiovascular Diseases With Central Obesity

209. Elderly Women At Higher Risk Of Developing Diabetes While Taking Statins

210. Risk To High blood pressure Hypertension Being Short

211. No Increase In Risk To Fetal Congenital Cardiac Anomalies With Beta Blockers Usage During Pregnancy

212. Obesity Increases Type 2 Diabetes Or Post Donation Diabetes Mellitus (PDDM) Risk Among Living Kidney Donors (LKD)

213. Personalized Workouts With EXPERT Tool To Reduce Cardiovascular Diseases And Risks

214. Overactive Bladder Drugs Linked To Increased Dementia Risk In Diabetes

215. Daily Dose Of Cinnamon Reduce Heart Attack Risk Associated With High Fat Diet

216. High Salt Diet Putting Teens At Risk Of Heart Disease Later In Life

217. Eating Milk Or Dairy Products Does Not Increase Stroke And Heart Disease Risks

218. Breast Milk And Omega-3 Linked To Lower Risk Of Type 1 Diabetes

219. Higher Risk To Heart Attack In Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

220. Increased Heart Failure Risk With In Women With Early Menopause And Never Giving Birth

221. Statins Reduces Risk of Heart Attack And Stroke Even in People With Intermediate Risk

222. Fat But Fit Does Not Reduce Heart Failure And Stroke Risks

223. Increase In Risk To Gestational Diabetes With Increase In Outdoor Temperatures

224. Risk To Type 2 Diabetes And Heart Diseases With 2 Weeks Of Sedentary Life

225. US FDA Adds Boxed Amputation Risk Warning To Invokana Type 2 Diabetes Drug

226. Reduced Heart Attack And Stroke Risk With Fruit And Vegetables Consumption

227. Less Than Six Hours Of Sleep A Night Could Kill Those At Risk Of Heart Disease

228. Study Finds Risk To Cardiovascular Diseases with The Combination Of Noise And Urban Traffic Air Pollution

229. Statins Can Reduce Risk To Heart Attack


231. Bariatric surgery reduces heart failure risk in severely obese individuals

232. Risk to heart diseases, depression and poor health with social jet lag

233. Aspirin may cut breast cancer risk for women with diabetes

234. Canagliflozin SGLT 2 anti-diabetes drug reduces kidney and heart disease risk

235. Excess weight may reduce early death risk for older adults with diabetes

236. No gender difference in stress as risk for coronary heart disease (CAD)

237. The ACALM study shows married people with heart disease risks have higher survival rates

238. Preeclampsia or gestational hypertension was linked to increased future heart disease risk in women

239. REMOVAL trial shows heart disease risk reduction with metformin medication

240. Inflammation hormones risk with glucose-gobbling immune cells hidden in plaque of coronary artery disease CAD patients

241. Continuous mental stress such as depression and anxiety increase death risk in heart disease patients

242. Breastfeeding lowers heart disease and stroke risk for women after pregnancy

243. Obstructive sleep apnea or apnoea (OSA) increases retinopathy risk in type 2 diabetes

244. Iron levels play a role in risk reduction to coronary artery disease (CAD)

245. Higher risk to periodontitis or gum or teeth disease with type 2 diabetes

246. Increased risk to cardiovascular diseases with pneumonia or sepsis infection

247. Risk to heart disease in women can be predicted with race and weight gain

248. Risk to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases with phthalates chemicals

249. Enhanced risk to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and overall mortality with an early menopause

250. Risk of left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) and heart failure with asthma history

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