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1. Study Of Microbiomes

2. Germs In Type 1 Diabetes

3. Risks With Infections In Children

4. Benefits With Yogurt

5. Role Of Gut Bacteria After Duodenum Jejunum Bypass Surgery

6. Risks With Gut Bacteria Imbalance

7. Benefits With Flu Influenza Vaccination

8. About Probiotics Foods

9. Mangoes Helps In The Growth Of Gut Bacteria Or Microbiota And Prevents Obesity

10. Neovacs Vaccine To Treat type 1 Diabetes (T1D)

11. Probiotics And DASH May Help Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

12. Inflammation, Gut Bacteria Tied to Type 1 Diabetes

13. Risk With Mouth Bacteria To Cardiovascular Disease

14. Risk Reduction To Gestational Diabetes With Probiotics

15. Gut Indolepropionic Acid & High Fibre Diet Protect Against Diabetes

16. Gut Bacteria May Be A Reason For The Development Of Stroke, Diabetes And Heart Diseases With Meat Consumption

17. AT04A vaccine reduces LDL cholesterol and atherosclerosis to prevent heart disease

18. BCG vaccine could restore proper immune response in type 1 diabetes

19. A new vaccine developed by Scandinavian researchers could prevent type 1 diabetes

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