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1. Risks To Cancer

2. Usage Of Metformin On Colorectal Cancer Individuals

3. Role Of Pioglitazone Diabetes Drug In Preventing Breast Cancer

4. Cancer Risk With Obesity

5. Risk To Liver Cancer Increases With Increase In Obesity Or BMI

6. Insulin Related Cancer Risk Offset Benefits With Statins Usage

7. Metformin Prevents Cancer Growth

8. Prevention Of Cancer With A Combination Of Diabetes And Hypertension Preventive Drugs

9. Risk to Cancer With Dairy Products

10. Diabetes May Be A Warning Sign Of Cancer

11. Cure To Heart Disease And Heart Tissue Regeneration With New Cancer Drug

12. Cardiovascular Disease Risks In Endometrial Cancer Survivors

13. Epalrestat Diabetes Drug May Protect Triple-negative Breast Cancer Condition

14. Risk Reduction To Cancer And Cardiovascular Diseases With Cycling

15. Diabetes High Blood Sugar Or Glucose Levels Can Protect Gliomas Brain Tumour or Tumor And Brain Cancer

16. Metformin Improves Health Outcomes In HER2 And Breast Cancer Patients With Diabetes

17. Aspirin may cut breast cancer risk for women with diabetes

18. Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), a prostate cancer treatment was associated with higher risk of heart failure

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