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51. Wristbands, Headbands, Skin Patches And Wearable Devices From Eccrine Systems

52. Survey On Health Care Apps Usage

53. Personalized Diet And Fitness Device & App From STYR Labs

54. About Whoop Wearable Device

55. About One Drop Chrome & Premium Diabetes App

56. About Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch From Mobvoi

57. Collaboration Between Fitbit And Fitabase

58. Music Streaming Pillow From Zeeq

59. About Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Tracker

60. About Withings Steel HR Activity Tracker

61. About TomTom Touch Activity Tracker

62. Activity Trackers And Wearable Devices From Alcatel

63. Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) Technology To Track Individual Exercise From Mio Global

64. Better Way To Manage Blood Sugar Levels With Diabetes Apps

65. Access Crosby Wearable Fitness Tracking Products From Michael Kors

66. Portable Device To Check Diabetes With Exhale Of Acetone Chemical

67. Insulin Delivery & Blood Sugar Levels Measuring Closed Loop (IDCL) Trial By Tandem Diabetes Care, Dexcom and TypeZero Technologies

68. Wearable Belt Type Medical Device To Treat Diabetes In Obese Individuals

69. Grocery Shopping App For Diabetes Patients

70. Chameleon Wearable Fitness Tracker From Adidas

71. Wearable Device To Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

72. App To Help Trulicity Medication Users

73. Wearable Devices Market

74. About Meizus H1 Wearable Device

75. About SensoSCAN

76. Pebble Was Sold To Fitbit

77. About Cellnovo Diabetes Management System

78. About Esysta device

79. FDA Approval Of CONTOUR ® NEXT ONE

80. Smart Socks To Monitor Diabetes

81. FDA Approves Novo Nordisk Drug Xultophy

82. About Insulia Diabetes App From Voluntis

83. Partnership Between Fitbit And Medtronic

84. Portable Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes Tester

85. Sleep Apnea Devices (MAD) May Not Change Risk Factors

86. Glucoracle Diabetes App Designed To Predict Blood Sugar Levels After Each Meal

87. Amalgam Rx Launches iSage Rx Type 2 Diabetes App Which Automates Insulin Dosage

88. Heartisans Wearable Smartwatch Device That Can Alert Heart Attacks

89. A new wearable smart device to measure sugar levels, stress and inflammation from sweat

90. New smartphone App can replace ultrasound to measure heart health

91. Weight loss and improved blood sugar glucose levels (glycemic control) with an EndoBarrier device

92. Wearable and disposable paper-based device to measure sugar glucose levels from sweat to prevent hypoglycemia and seizure events

93. Life-saving CORolla heart-implant device for the treatment of diastolic heart cardiac failure

94. Ozempic (semaglutide) GLP-1 type 2 diabetes drug from Novo Nordisk can reduce obesity and body fat levels

95. VitalScan device from Creavo Medical Technologies to detect heart diseases in a patient

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