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    Published on July 24, 2017

Good fats are as helpful as statins against heart disease

Recently, the American Heart Association remained the people that there are good and bad dietary fats. They also said that swapping saturated fats with healthy vegetable fats is good for heart health as saturated fat clog arteries. Earlier research studies shows reduction to cardiovascular diseases by nearly 30 percent with the lower consumption of saturated fat or swapping saturated fat with polyunsaturated vegetable oil fat. The American Heart Association says the benefits with the swapping of fat will be similar to statins (a cholesterol-lowering drugs). Experts are saying to replace or swap bad fat with good fat. They also say not to cut consumption of good fat such as peanut, soybean and corn oil. The published advisory lists following oils polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and saturated fat percentage.

Oil Polyunsaturated Monounsaturated Saturated
Butter   26% 63%
Canola oil 28% 63%  
Coconut oil     82%
Corn oil 55 28%  
Lard   45% 39%
Olive oil   73%  
Palm oil   11% 82%
Peanut oil 32% 46%  
Safflower oil 75%    
Sunflower oil 66%    

Both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are good for heart health. Saturated fats can be swapped with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. They lower blood cholesterol levels. Each gram of fat provides 9 calories of energy. Experts says higher limit for the fat intake is around 0.4 to 0.5 grams of the targeted weight in pounds. If the target weight is 155 pounds, then the higher limit for fat consumption is between 62 grams to 77.5 grams.

Both the American College of Cardiology and the Heart Association advise people to bring down the saturated fat to 5 percent of total calories. All scientific and research studies found that heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by limiting saturated fat in the diet as saturated fat increases LDL or bad cholesterol levels, a major risk factor to heart and cardiovascular diseases.

Polyunsaturated vegetable oil fats are as helpful against heart disease cardiovascular diseases.

Lead author of the advisory was Dr. Frank M Sacks, professor of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The study findings were published in the journal Circulation, under the title "Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease: A Presidential Advisory From the American Heart Association".

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The American Heart Association says not to use coconut oil for the dietary purpose

Even though coconut oil contains saturated fat which raises LDL cholesterol levels, earlier studies found coconut oil is good for heart health. Now the American Heart Association urged people to avoid using coconut oil for dietary purposes. They say coconut oil causes cardiovascular disease by increasing LDL cholesterol levels in the blood. The oil also offsets other favorable effects in the body. The American Heart Association says the effects on the health with coconut oils are similar to effects with fats such as beef fat, palm oil and butter. They advised people to swap coconut oil with fats such as safflower, olive, peanut, corn, soybean, canola and avocado oils. The Heart Association says polyunsaturated fats appears to be the best fat to heart health followed by the monounsaturated fats. Experts in the field of nutrition say coconut oil is good for external use but not for dietary consumption.

No coconut oil for dietary as saturated fats increases LDL cholesterol cardiovascular heart diseases.


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